Plastic, Vinyl & Leather

The systems together as a process, makeit possible to repair all kind of hard and flexible plastic, both interior and exterior parts, bumpers, dashboards, as well as leather and vinyl components. The plastic, leather, and vinyl repair system· B1 is a complete range of easy to use, strong repair chemical and tools for a 100% plastic, leather and vinyl repair job.

And other structured surfaces, including the right color and last but also important gloss regulators. Finding the right kind of adhesive for each job can often be difficult to the user. A picture instruction step by step repair flow diagram to all the repair systems, simply to make the repairs better and faster is available to download at our web after customer.

The systems are complete with cleansing fluids, primers, and reinforcement material.

The system contains all the required tools and adhesive materials to complete the repair from start to finish. The adhesive types contained in the system include among others specially developed hot-melt adhesive, chemically activated adhesives for hard plastics, flexible and rigid adhesive.



Vinyl Repair


Smart Plastic, Vinyl & Leather Repair